About Me

Welcome to TraineeMechanic.co.uk. This blog is primarily a collection of videos, articles and information about cars and those aspiring to become mechanically minded or even mechanically qualified.

My mechanical journey started in 2015 when I started my level 2 City and Guilds qualification in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair and I qualified 12 months later and it was this foundation that took me from ‘merely interested’ to being hooked on cars, petrol and tinkering. I am by no means an expert, but that’s not the purpose of this.

I knew that I couldn’t be the only person out there that wanted to learn more about cars, and I absolutely do believe that the best way to learn is by doing, but having access to a string of cars needing repairs, a workshop, a full compliment of tools and an experienced qualified mechanic isn’t always easily available. So I setup TraineeMechanic.co.uk as the foundations so that you could at least learn the theory, learning about how car systems work, how they interact with each other.

My overall plan, which will come as no great surprise, is to open a mechanic school of my own where we have tools, ramps, knowledgeable teachers, informative lessons that are mainly practical as well as a string of cars to work on.

In the beginning, this will be a collection of videos, articles and other media that I found useful when I started my journey. Feel free to send me a message or add a comment to the bottom of any posts that you think others would find useful. I’m not precious, this blog is about helping people to learn, simple as that.