Useful sites for information

When I started my course I was told the best book to buy was a Hilliers, Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology.  So in July 2015 I bought it at a cost of £22 and if I’m completely honest, when it first arrived it wasn’t massively useful. It use a string of phrases that I didn’t understand, it talked about bits that I didn’t know existed and to the absolute novice I didn’t find it massively useful.

But this was 2015, and there were and still are a string of websites out there that can provide all the useful information you need for free. Don’t get me wrong, looking back at my Hilliers now, it makes a lot more sense and it goes in to the detail I need now I understand the basic setup so it’s definitely worth having, you just don’t need to rush out and purchase it straight away.

Anyway, I have put together a few links which have tons of useful information:

YouTube ( )

As someone who learns more by seeing and doing, YouTube is an absolute god send. There are literally thousands if not millions of videos that talk about everything from engines, changing brakes, how parts work etc.


EricTheCarGuy ( )

Yes he’s American, and his content is based on American vehicles (in the main), but his videos are incredibly useful as most of the information is the same for UK/European vehicles but the names are slightly different.


CarWow ( )

A great website that has a variety of guides about various vehicle systems.


AutoButler ( )

AutoButler is another great resource. Although they’re a website selling mechanical services, their blog has a selection of articles about vehicle servicing, air conditioning, tyres etc. The company are clearly trying show off their mechanical skills and to do so they’ve included a variety of articles which help anyone wanting to learn more. Beware though, they are trying to sell to you.


I’m absolutely sure there are literally thousands more websites out there, so if you find one, why not visit the ‘Contact Me’ page and let me know so I can add it here.


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